Standing at my Easel – How it Started

Many of you will know that I have been painting now for around 17 years.  It came about when I returned to full time education to study Art & Design as a mature student, and I fell madly in love with expressing myself through the medium of paint.

I had always loved being creative, but for many years I had only really done this via computer software.  Suddenly sketching and painting, like I had done many years earlier back in school, was like a real awakening for me. I had found something that I knew would have to become a way of life for me.

So I started out painting on canvas at my easel and in no time at all I was fortunate enough to begin selling my work at exhibitions, galleries and online.  I will always remember that very first sale at my first ever local exhibition.  The feeling of utter surprise, not only took me rushing out across the road to the pub for a glass of bubbly, but it also took me sailing with confidence into the coming years! I often think how different things may have been if I had not sold anything that night, or for some time to follow.  It was like an endorsement for me.  People really did want my creations on their walls and were prepared to pay good money for them, so it kind of validated my need to paint.  I needed to paint not just for me, but for those people who connected with my work.

I wish I had counted the paintings I have created.  I’m certain I could go back over my records and find a pretty accurate number, but there has to be hundreds.  There has certainly been hundreds and thousands of hours at the easel.  So the purpose of writing this blog will become clear in a follow up at a later date.  I hope you will follow my writings, so that you might get a better understanding of the direction of my work in recent times.  I certainly feel like I need to share it with you.