About Me

Back in 2001 I started on a very new path in life when I went back to full time education to study Art & Design. After many years of a very different career path, mostly connected to aviation and beginning with 7 years in the RAF in Air Traffic Control, this new journey was quite an awakening.

I had always loved drawing and design at school and old school friends have even reminded me today of how I was forever doodling, and not always on paper! I remember winning a couple of competitions too, one for designing a Christmas card, and another for a poster design in the Eisteddfod. I went to a Welsh speaking school in South Wales and I loved my school days.

Since starting my journey with a paint brush I have been fortunate enough to be regularly selling my work through galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and online. Both corporate and private collectors have been enjoying my work, and even now, each time I make a sale, I am reminded of how grateful I am. When someone buys one of my paintings it will remain the greatest compliment.

My paintings were born from a love of colour; bold strong colour. I love contrast and placing deeper tones next to light. Shapes and swirling movement is more often than not outlined in black, a habit I picked up at just 4 years of age I am told.

In recent years I have been inspired greatly by trees. Living on the edge of the Buckinghamshire countryside I am also very fortunate to enjoy views across a pretty lake edged by trees. I love the strong trunks and the different shapes they grow into, and how the canopy hangs above. Their shapes are often formed by the wind, the light or simply neighbouring trees. However they form and grow, they are all beautiful to me.